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What Will You Be For Halloween? Or The Better Question, What Will Your House Be?

What Will You Be For Halloween? Or The Better Question, What Will Your House Be? 

Whether it’s your first Halloween in your new house or your hundredth (because you’re a ghost), there are countless ways to celebrate the spooky season. Below we outline five places to spruce up your home for October 31st creatively. Beware, scary stuff to follow.


1- The Front Porch. (Otherwise known as the entrance to your haunted mansion.) The front porch is a stellar place to show your spirit. Pun intended. Not only will neighbors enjoy it from the street but trick-or-treaters will get to see it up close and personal. Beyond the standard cobwebs and pumpkins, there is a ton you can do. Outline your doorframe with mini orange lights, make a colorful witches broom out of straw, a stick and some spray paint. You can even throw a few giant spiders on your potted mums. Have fun.

2- The Yard. Many people decorate their front yards for the winter holidays, but Halloween is a wonderful time to do it, as well. Take an old wheel barrel, fill it with some dirt and a fun skeleton to create a spooky scene. Shape chicken wire into ghostly figures and then spray paint with glow in the dark paint. Turning your bushes into scary animals is also fun. Simply cut out giant eyes using construction paper and stick them in your front shrubs or trees.

3- The Kitchen. The best part about decorating the kitchen is getting to chomp on some of the decorations. Using a black sharpie and a dozen clementine’s (any orange fruit will do), draw jack-o-lantern faces on the fruit. It’s festive and delicious. Did it ever occur to you that balled up rice crispy treats look a lot like brains? Why yes they do, especially if you drizzle them with red icing. The tasty opportunities are endless.

4- The Living Room. Nothing says BOO like a scary mantel. Hang a giant spider from inside your fireplace and let it dangle. If you’re on the anti-spider train, then arrange a bunch of classic pumpkins inside your fireplace. Silver, burnt orange and black colored pumpkins set a nice tone. Try filling a lantern or clear candleholder with candy corn (the perfect use for all that stale candy), and place throughout your room. For an extra scare, put rubber bats in an old birdcage after you spray paint the cage with glow in the dark paint. A scary centerpiece for your coffee table is also easy to make. Take a few dead sticks and arrange them in a big vase. Then attach a few fake black birds to the branches. Most craft stores will have everything and anything you need.  

5- The Bathroom. Lots of horror film scenes take place in the bathroom…but don’t worry, there are ways to tone it down in case you have little ones. A festive hand soap color or a pumpkin candle can add a nice touch. Use a washable glow in the dark marker to leave a mysterious message on the mirror or even on the back of the toilet lid. Fill your bathtub with giant spiders or tape a few bat silhouettes to the back of a window shade. Black construction paper is the cheap way to go.

There are so many ways to decorate for Halloween that go beyond the expected. Go for super scary or just a touch of creepy fun. The holiday season has begun. Happy Halloween-ing!




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