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What to expect when buying a home?

If you’ve never been through the home buying process before, it can be hard to imagine the experience. From attending your first open house to collecting the keys and moving in, it’s helpful to have a heads-up on some things you’ll encounter along the way. Here’s an idea of what you should expect:

Document verification. You’ll need a few personal documents and records to complete your loan application, like bank statements, tax returns, pay stubs, asset statements, and social security card, just to name a few. The sooner you can collect the paperwork, the better off you’ll be. We’ll help you check off these items using your Mortgage Application Checklist so that you’ll be covered when you need them.

Resourceful reading. Part of the home buying process is carried out through contracts and formal statements, so you’ll want to take the time to read everything carefully and ensure you understand all of your commitments. Get ready to read sets of information and review details. Your Relationship Specialist (RS) will help you through this process with personalized resources to help you brush up on common concepts so that you’ll feel empowered with information. Don’t worry if it gets confusing. Your Relationship Specialist (RS) is ready for your questions.

Quick responses. Real estate moves fast, especially if you are buying in a hot market. Your Relationship Specialist (RS) will update you with the progress of your loan application and home search so that you will never miss an opportunity to land your dream home. Be ready to move quickly and check for status updates on your phone as they happen.

Making choices. When searching for your perfect home, you’ll have to make a lot of choices, from everything relating to home financing, location, size, and style. We’ll help you hone in on your criteria with a Dream Home Wish List to organize your search and keep you focused on what matters most to you. Be ready to make some choices and adjust your findings based on opportunities before you.

Personalized guidance. You are not alone. Know that you have the peace of mind that comes with your Relationship Specialist (RS) walking you through the process from start to finish. They are your partner for everything to do with home ownership – so be sure to use them!

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