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Professional Packing Tips

Is your moving day approaching? No need to hide behind stacks of cardboard boxes and stress over the daunting challenge ahead! It can be hard to get an understanding of how to pack, but with these moving day tips, you’ll know the best way to pack and ready for anything. Take on moving day with confidence using these tips to make the transition to your new home a cinch and pack it up like a pro: 

  • Pack an overnight bag with the essentials. Set aside a bag with a toothbrush, pajamas and other bedtime essentials needed to hit the hay after a long moving day. Chances are you’ll be too tired to unpack anything, and this will give you all you need to recharge for a fresh day of unpacking ahead.
  • Pack items needed first in a plastic bin. Important tools like a box cutter, trash bags, phone chargers and other essentials will be at the top of your list to find once you’ve landed in your new home. Pack these crucial materials in a clear plastic bin to visibly identify them and make it easier to find when needed.
  • Label AND number your boxes. After the moving van leaves, you don’t want to be shuffling boxes between rooms because somehow the kitchen utensils ended upstairs in the bathroom. Label each box denoting the room it belongs to so the movers know where to set the boxes when they’re carried into your home. Augment this organization by keeping a list to inventory your boxes, and number each one so you can check if anything was lost or misplaced during the move.
  • Label the sides of boxes, not the tops. Boxes may be stacked, and it will be easier to read and identify the label if it appears on the sides instead of the tops.
  • Store liquids in plastic bags. Personal care items may leak while in transit, so keeping them sealed in plastic bags will decrease the likelihood that moisture will seep into your cardboard boxes.
  • Keep wall mounting materials in plastic bags. When you take apart your television, artwork or other mounted shelves or displays, store the nails and hooks in plastic bags labeled with the piece it was used to hang. This will help you to easily re-display the items in your new home and avoid searching for the correct materials.
  • Take pictures of wires and plugs. It can be confusing to re-connect the wires to your television, computers or other gadgets. Take photos of the wires to take the guesswork out of installing them in your new home.
  • Use all your available containers. Recruit any suitcases, storage bins, boxes or baskets as containers for transport to cut down on the number of cardboard boxes you need to buy.
  • Defrost your refrigerator or freezers. At least one day before moving, unplug and defrost these kinds of appliances to avoid a mess when moving. You’ll want them completely dry before transport.
  • Move valuable documents or items ahead of time. Consider the possibility that anything could be lost or misplaced when moving, so keep valuable documents like passports, social security cards or anything to do with your financials – along with special jewelry or sentimental items – in a safe place. Or, you could move them prior to ensure they’re not lost or broken.

Settling into your new home is the sweet prize after all the moving day chaos. Be sure to use these tips to reduce the stress and ensure a smooth transition.

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