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More Than Lipstick: Projects That Improve the Value of Your Home

Should we put in a pool? Wire the home with speakers? Build a shed for more storage? Plant trees in the garden?

­­If you’re looking for projects that improve the value of your home, chances are you’re wrestling with those “should we or shouldn’t we” questions. But before you invest in an expensive or labor-intensive project, consider these quick tips to improve your home’s value with little effort or out-of-pocket cost:

Size Matters. The bigger the better for most homeowners.  Make your home feel larger with a few quick tricks, like eliminating heavy closed drapes and vertical blinds to let in the light – sunny homes feel more open. Double the size of a room by adding large wall mirrors that reflect the light and give the impression of more space. Remove clutter or extraneous furniture and consider shelving units to draw the eye upward and leave the floor clear and accessible. 

Go Green. Energy efficient homes are in increasingly high demand, both because of the positive impact on the environment and the annual utilities savings that goes back into the homeowner’s pocket. Consider “do-it-yourself” cost savings, like adding storm doors and ceiling fans. Installing anything that helps keep heat in during the colder months and out during the warmer months will be an attractive perk as well as add value.

Keeping Up. Fix things that break. Paint things that fade. Replace things that need replacing. Simple upkeep and maintenance of the electrics, plumbing and aesthetic features will keep your home looking desirable for the long term, and improve your home’s value. Address issues as soon as they arise to prevent them from escalating and ensuring your home is in good quality condition at all times.

Know Your Market. Stay informed about other homes selling in your neighborhood.  Notice features in those homes that sell that yours doesn’t have and think about how you can reproduce them.

Before you undertake a costly project, make sure you have taken the smaller steps to increase your home’s value first. Sometimes quick improvements can make all the difference.


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