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Home Inspections: Don’t Skip Them!

We know: it’s been a long journey toward becoming a homeowner, and you’re ready for it to be done. You just want to finish closing, get your keys, move in and sleep for a month. And when you’re in that mode, it can be tempting to cut corners to make the process go faster so you can get to the finish line. But whatever you do, don’t skip the home inspection. It could become a costly mistake you’ll deeply regret down the line.

True, choosing to skip the home inspection could make the seller more motivated to sell to you over others, if their home for sale is a hot property. But the problem with that is, they might be on the hook to repair certain issues or damages to the house that could be problematic down the line, saving you a financial nightmare and renovation headache. But if you skip the home inspection, you’ll only be able to address what you see with the naked eye. The home inspector is trained to see the things you don’t, or wont – and it’s those things that could wind up turning your gem into a lemon.

You may feel like you’re running the risk of losing out on a home you really want by not waiving the inspection – after all, the seller could easily go on to another buyer who is willing to make that concession, and you’ll be back at square one. But they may actually be doing you a favor by squeezing you out that way. Inspectors are helpful not only in discovering current issues associated with the home you want to buy, they can also spot things that may become problems weeks, months or even years from when you plan to take possession. You may still wish to take possession knowing of these issues, choosing to address them on your own. But at least you have a choice in knowing and can plan accordingly with an inspector’s input.

Of course, if you have extensive experience as a contractor or inspector yourself, you may know what to look for, and may not need an inspector as much as another buyer might. And in some states, there are laws that stipulate a buyer must detail any issues with the house so that sellers know what they’re getting into. But in general, it’s unwise to skip this step or take it under your own employ.

Home inspections ease your peace of mind, allowing you to get the full picture of the home you’re buying – and ultimately, what you’re investing in. Getting a detailed report on your home also allows you to make an informed decision on your purchase, and budget accordingly if there are maintenance issues you need to plan for down the road. Don’t short-change yourself on one of the most important financial investments you’ll make in your life.

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