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Have you ever wondered if your house is haunted?

Boo! Don’t be scared it’s just us, a blog article, welcoming you to the Halloween season. Yes, it’s that time of year again for spooky stuff and that includes haunted houses. 

Have you ever wondered if your house is haunted? I’m sure some of us have at one point or another. An unexplainable sound or smell, a strange feeling or a lurking shadow, it is all part of fall-time homeownership. And we’re not just talking about old houses either; hauntings have been known to happen at new houses, properties and apartments of all sizes and ages.

So, just for fun… or not… we’ve compiled a list of the most typical unnatural, unexplainable signs that your house is haunted and following that what to do about it. 

Warning: the following may or may not be scary.

  1. Random door slams. It wasn’t a sudden gust of wind or unconcerned pet tail wagging by. A random door slam sound is undeniable. It’s said that door slams are rarely ever witnessed but if they are it’s sure to frighten and stun any onlooker. 
  2. Foot steps. You’re all alone downstairs and suddenly you hear the creaks and cracks of someone walking upstairs. You freeze, hold your breath and wait for the next footstep. Terrifying.
  3. Strange animal behavior. Everyone knows animals have a sixth sense. They know when a natural disaster is about to happen or can sense certain energy whether it be happy or sad in a room. So you know when you see an animal start to pace or walk in a circle that something suspicious is up. 
  4. The feeling of being touched. It’s a brush past you, a sense that someone has just touched your head or made the hair stand up straight on your arm. The feeling of being touched will make you whip your head around to see what’s lurking behind you.
  5. Hot or cold spots. Certain areas of your house are cooler and or warmer than others, sure. But we’re talking about a different kind of cool and warm, a chilling breeze and the warmth and sound of whispered breath.

Now, if any of these signs of a haunting ring a bell we’ve got a few suggestions on how to banish the unwanted spirits.

  1. Remove the raccoon from your attic. A large humane trap should do the trick.
  2. Fix your gurgling or clanking water heater. Old plumbing can sound pretty creepy.
  3. Replace lamps with brand new overhead lighting to get rid of the creepy shadows playing tricks with your mind.
  4. Add an overhead fan to help circulate cool and warm air or check your ventilation system. You’ll feel a sense a relief as the airflow moves over your face. 
  5. And finally, if none of these tips help, try giving your home a good old cleaning. Get rid of those cobwebs, dead flies and skeleton bones in the corner. Haunted spirits real or otherwise can’t stand a good clean house and this will keep future hauntings from happening as well.

Happy Halloween All!

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