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Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays with these Decoration Ideas

One of the best parts of the holiday season are the decorations, the red, the green, the twinkle of bright lights and the smell of evergreen. There are so many ways to decorate and every family has their favorites and traditions. Here, we’ve gone ahead and collected some of the best ways to decorate a new home and there may be a few ways you never thought about before.

Bring the outside in. Try collecting unique looking curly or evergreen branches and pine cones and make your own arrangement. Spread them out on the mantel with red or silver bows or arrange them in a larger bucket like a bouquet of flowers.

Add a seasonal scent. Try sticking cinnamon sticks in your decorative garland or in holiday trinkets. It adds a hint of holiday scent and also a little texture amongst the greenery. You don’t have to cook up a storm or burn a bunch of candles all the time to make your home feel like the holidays.

Add layers. Hang a wreath and then hang one below it. When it comes to simple decorations, more can be more. Add giant white stars and tall candlesticks below sparkling lights. Celebrate with a celebration of decorations.

Dangle candy canes and display all of your holiday cards. You have more decorations than you think. Hanging ten candy canes in a row from red ribbon can look quite elegant in front of a window and you’ve already got a pile of Holiday cards, use them. Arrange them up the banister or decorate a powder room with holiday words and cheer.

Build a hot chocolate station. In place of a bar, decorate a beverage cart with cozy throws, mini candy canes, festive mugs and holiday books. Also, try putting the hot chocolate mixture in glass canisters with red ribbon.

Throw a party. Tell guests to bring a dozen cookies or ornaments then trade with everyone else there. Not only will you diversify your holiday stash but also you’ll have a little love from every guest represented in your home.

Drape your doorways. Accent a few entrances with greenery or classy garland. Add bows, gold twine, ornaments or fake snow to the archway. It will make walking between rooms feel like you’re entering a wonderland of joy.

Go vintage. If you like discovering old treasures, visit a few thrift stores and see what you can dig up, an old Santa statue, matching knit chimney stockings or a collection of old holiday cards. Bringing in a little bit of old can add a nice Rockwellian twist to your modern décor.

Turn waffle cones into a mini holiday tree village. Simply flip over the cones and decorate with seasonal icing and colorful sprinkles. Just make sure to keep them out of reach of children and puppies or they won’t last long.

Buy colorful tassels, snowflake coasters, mix metallics and throw in some plaid as a backdrop. Holiday decorating is a personal endeavor that should be shared with family and friends. There are so many reasonable and wonderful ways to celebrate the season and make your home cozy and bright.

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