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Five questions to ask yourself to find your dream home

When it comes to buying a home, there are most likely lots of questions running through your mind. How do I know which location is right for me? What kind of home style will I be happy with? What if the home doesn’t fit my everyday life? You may be struggling to determine how a particular homestead aligns with your personality and current lifestyle. But how do you figure out the right choice for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself when looking for your perfect home:

Do you have children/do you plan to in the future? Depending on the answer, this will be a big influencer on your home’s location and size. Think about how long you plan to stay in the home. Does that timeline fall when kids (existing or hypothetical) will start school? If so, take a look at school ratings when looking at communities. Some areas are more kid-friendly and others may not be developed with families in mind. Also consider the number of bedrooms you may end up needing and the overall home size to avoid cramming everyone inside in the future.

Do you exercise outdoors? If venturing out for a morning hike is your style, you may want to study how close a home is located to recreational parks, trails, tennis courts, golf courses, or other outdoor activities you do often. Consider how far away the activities you love are located – especially if they are related to how you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Think about how you’d have to adjust your workout routine based on the home’s location and nearby amenities.

How much do you like to drive? If you’re the last to leave the office every night after tangling with never-ending meetings and a massive amount of emails, you may not want to add the stress of a long commute. When looking for homes, plan your route to work or the places you visit daily and think about how that time spent in the car will affect your life. Test out the potential commute by driving during peak times and consider if the home’s location is really ideal for you.

Are you open to DIY projects or renovations? Some homes may need extensive renovations or a little TLC through DIY projects that will make it your dream home. Before starting your search, consider if you are open to remodeling or adding your own personal touches beyond paint and décor. If the possibility of using a hammer sends you over the edge, then you know to look for homes that are more move-in ready. If you are open to more of a challenge, consider looking for homes that may need some work and get to know the cost. Just be sure to weigh the pros and cons of a fixer upper before you get cornered into taking on a project that you aren’t prepared to handle.

How do you spend your weekends? When Friday night finally comes, do you relish letting off steam at bars or restaurants? Or are you ready to settle in at home with your BBQ and grill up the perfect burger? If you like to entertain often, think about how your home can accommodate family and friends. If you like to go out, consider how close you are to your favorite hangouts. You home should fit with what you love doing, so be sure to reflect on how your choice limits or expands your opportunities.Talk these questions over with your Real Estate Agent to find your perfect home.

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