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Boost your Property Value with These SIX Tips.

Nearly 65% of homes in the US are 25 years or older. That being said, there are undoubtedly quite a few that could use an upgrade. Keeping your home updated can increase property value and boost your home equity. Here are six tips for doing just that.


1: Put your Best Face Forward

 A garage door replacement can transform the outside of your home, giving it immediate curb appeal. This can increase your home’s perceived value with potential buyers. If you do think you might sell in the future, make sure you pick a color/style that blends well with the current look of the home. Something bright and flashy might limit the amount of people who feel drawn to it.


2: Focus on Your Faucets

 Simple faucet replacement can make an old sink feel shiny and new. What an easy way to spruce up your bathrooms! Fun faucets are all the rage, but just like your garage door replacement (and any upgrade); make sure to match the style of the home. If you’re like Urkel on the dance floor when it comes to style, ask your trendiest friend!


3: Change the Paint

 A fresh coat of paint or even an accent wall is a quick and reasonable way to make a room feel different. This is a great option for busy people, as you can usually do the project quickly and easily.


4: Hang a Pot Rack

 Hanging fresh, new pots on a rack adds texture and visual layers to your kitchen space. Some might say it makes a house feel “homey.” And if you ever move out, you can take it with you.


5: Plant a Tree.

 Wish your home had more shade? Plant a tree! Now, that’s a landscaping improvement that will mature over time, and it’s good for the environment, too.


6: Blinds over Drapes

Ditch the dark curtains and invest in blinds. Not only is it nice to let the light in, but it will feel like you’re adding square footage to your home. There are plenty of inexpensive upgrades to consider. Check out our new Pinterest board for more ideas!

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