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A Neighborhood Guide for Buying a Home in Portland

As many of you Portlandians know, your ‘hood is a bit offbeat (just the way you like it). As you begin the process of buying a home, you just need the nitty gritty details. Below is a neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide on price as well as community highlights.

And, for any of you outsiders considering that YOU may be the missing piece to the quirky puzzle, get ready to be delighted. You have many comfortable options to choose from.


But First, a Quick Market Overview

Metro population: 2,351,319

Median age: 37

Median Home Price: 349,675

Income: $69k


Like most of the West Coast hot spots, housing prices in Portland have continued to rise, unaffected by what’s happening in the rest of the country. This is likely thanks to ideal weather, vibrant culture and proximity to natural beauty. But now, the tides have begun to change (pun intended).

This year, home prices have started to steady in Portland and builders have continued to build. This is good news for buyers when it comes to selection and taking back a little bit of control. Although, the median home price is still above average as it relates to everything East. Still, the sunshine report is that things are headed in the right direction.

So what makes this place such a well-rounded homestead? It’s actually what’s outside of the homes; a large variety of spectacular museums and art galleries, a thrilling sports community, and enough wilderness activities to impress any outdoorsman.

Portland is within an hour or two of two mountain ranges, the Pacific Ocean and a vibrant Willamette Valley Wine Country. And for those that identify with more of an indoorsman itinerary, there are a ridiculous number of artisanal food trucks, breweries, and fancy coffee establishments popping up on every corner. Cheers to that. Portland is indeed a place to feel fulfilled socially, physically and financially. 

Wondering where to live? Let’s break down a few of the hottest ‘hoods in Portland right now.  


Goose Hollow:

Median Home Price: $390,000

Crowd: Young Families.

Convenience: Close to parks. Drivable downtown.

Can you say cool and convenient? Goose Hollow is opportunely located and stocked with a beautiful blend of modern and historical available homes. This hood is super close to downtown without being a cut-through part of town. Goose Hollow residents enjoy quiet and privacy. Many new families and young professionals call this unique spot home.


Median Home Price: $430,000

Crowd: Families.

Convenience: Southwest of downtown Portland.

Bust out the lawn mowers because this neighborhood features some luxury homes with sprawling yards. This hood has the feel of a small town and a stellar public school system with big city amenities. It’s true the population here has nearly doubled in a decade, but there are still plenty of available homes.

Pearl District:

Median Home Price: $549,000

Crowd: Young professionals. Couples.

Convenience: Easy access to downtown.

Say hello to urban renewal at its finest. The Pearl District is one of those old industrial parts of town that has gone under a major and hip renovation. You’ll find tons of cool mixed-use spaces, art galleries, boutiques, outdoor markets, townhomes, and loft-style condos. This place is raw, sexy and totally chic.   

SW Hills:

Median Home Price: $670,000

Crowd: Couples and Families.

Convenience: Easy access to downtown.

Located 1070 feet above sea level, this hood boasts breath-taking views of the mountain during the day and the city at night. Here you’ll find century-old homes with original fireplaces and classic appeal. It also has some highly ranked schools too if you have kids in tow.

Portland, Oregon’s largest city has so much more to offer than just gorgeous scenery and progressive politics. As the locals will tell you, it has something for everyone to fall in love with. From outdoor activities and a dynamic culinary scene to charming architecture and innovation across many industries, Portland is a pretty exceptional place to call home.


As they say up in the North West, Keep Portland Weird.


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