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5 Ways to Use Rose Quartz in Your Home Decorating for Spring

Spring flowers are approaching full bloom and May showers will be sprinkling soon enough. As we wave goodbye to winter, it’s time to emerge from the cold blistery air with some new home decorating ideas that inspire a fresh look for your home this spring.

This year, the color authority, Pantone, named “Rose Quartz” as one of the 2016 Colors of the Year, and this romantic hue is bursting throughout the décor industry as an emerging must-have current decorating trend for spring. Rooted in light pink tones that lend a natural floral feel, it’s easy to inject this crowd-pleasing palette into every room of your home with a few simple touches.

Here are 5 tips to be on trend this spring with inspiration from this season’s new color, Rose Quartz:

  1. Flower Vases. Nothing embodies spring more than fresh flowers, so look for a light pink-colored vase that can be placed in any sunny room of your home to add instant life. Rose Quartz is highly compatible with golden yellows, fresh greens and powdery blues, so choose flowers that best compliment the hue.
  2. Wood Accents. Because of Rose Quartz’s light pink tone, wood is an easy-to-find material that will seamlessly implement this color into your home. Invest in a small accent table, install shelving, framing, or look for small knickknacks to display throughout your rooms. Whether unfinished or in a variety of stains, wood objects are classic additions to any home that will also add a touch of modern charm.
  3. Throw Pillows. Arguably there is no easier way to jazz up your home décor than with throw pillows. They are easy to switch out, relatively inexpensive to replace, and with little commitment they make a big statement. Look for Rose Quartz-inspired pillows for your couches and bedrooms to effortlessly introduce a pop of color and nod to the trend.
  4. Coffee mugs, bowls, plates, utensils and other smaller kitchen items are everyday ways to enjoy color. Mix in Rose Quartz with whites and other neutrals to set a table that is elegant and visually interesting.
  5. Wall Art. Fresh focal art pieces on your walls will instantly update your home’s look. Change out artwork in a highly trafficked area, like an entryway or near the kitchen, and look for geometric designs that feature Rose Quartz to add modern edge. For a longer term commitment to the color, consider painting an accent wall in your main living space for a bolder statement.

With its natural warmth and many possibilities, adding this 2016 Color of the Year to your home is a simple and contemporary way to make any living space feel more inviting. With a few simple touches, you can help your home feel fresh, modern and ready to take on the spring season in style.


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