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10 Tips to Maximize Space in a Smaller Home

Whether you choose to dwell in a sleek city loft, embrace the quaint comfort of a single family home, or adopt the rising tiny home trend, maximizing space in any home is a must. Even if square footage is in short supply, you can still live large with a few unconventional tricks and personalized touches to maximize your living space and capitalize on the potential functionality hiding in your home. Here are ten ways to make the most of your square footage:

  1. Establish zones. Your home is a hub for all sorts of activities, from eating to sleeping, entertaining, lounging and even working. Create different areas to address these various roles, like reserving a corner nook for a work study, or clearing a food prep section in the kitchen. These zones may serve more than one purpose, but clearly separating the space will allow your home to better fill all of its functions.
  2. Avoid dark colors. Pale palettes add a modern feel and increase the flow of any space. When decorating, keep the colors light and uniform throughout, as neutral tones will give the illusion of more open space. Play with dark or bright colors in small, thoughtfully-placed doses, like adding a small throw pillow or picture frame.
  3. Invest in multifunctional pieces. Did you know that a coffee table can double as a desk? Think about opportunities to use pieces of furniture in different ways and invest in pieces that could serve more than one purpose.
  4. Take down walls. Separating a small home into compartments of rooms can make it seem too cramped. If possible, consider removing walls that separate the living areas and open the floor plan to better use the space. Instead of solid walls, use glass partitions to keep the eye drawn through the home without closing it off. A sliding door or curtain divider can also add privacy without shutting off the space from the rest of the home.
  5. Crush the clutter. The quickest way to suck away square footage is by permitting clutter to cloud your floor and furniture. Keep the space tidy at all times and make sure items are organized and stored away neatly.
  6. Every piece counts. Everything is seen in small spaces, so make sure you carefully consider each item that you include in your home. Too many knick-knacks or competing pieces of artwork and furniture will crowd the space and overwhelm the eye. Stick to clean lines and artistic focal points that work together in a cohesive way.
  7. Use the floor to the ceiling. High-hanging curtains, tall mirrors, or floor to ceiling bookshelves will utilize all available wall space and create the illusion of height. Draw the eye upward with these touches and use all of the space hiding overhead in your home.
  8. DIY. Consider some “do it yourself” projects and identify opportunities where you can modify your home slightly for your benefit. For example, if you have a staircase, create built in storage units under the stairs to save space and add visual interest with little effort or cost.
  9. Embrace light. Natural light instantly adds brightness and the illusion of open space. Allow light to create continuity throughout your home and look for opportunities to enlarge any windows or install doors to let it shine through.
  10. Use outdoor space. Patios or other outdoor spaces can serve as an extension of your home’s interior, almost as if it was another room in your house. Maximize your outdoor area by furnishing it with a table, chairs, and lounge pillows that mimic the style of your interior to make it cozy, inviting, and visually seamless.


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