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10 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Current Living Space

Families grow, communities evolve and jobs change. How do you know when it’s time to move out of your current home and find a new one? You might be at a different place in life than you were when you previously settled down. A home that worked for you in the past might not be meeting your current needs. And you want to know a little secret? That’s okay.

It can be hard to realize, but you might be ready for a new living space. It can be difficult to part with a home where you’ve made lasting memories. However, sometimes the only way up is out. There may come a time when you need to be honest with yourself and realize that your home isn’t working for you anymore, which can be a positive thing. Change is an exciting part of life, and your home should reflect your life changes. You’ll always have your memories, but it might be time to make new ones in a new home.

Here are ten tell-tale signs that it may be time to move on:

  1. It’s a full house. Does your home seem like it’s getting too crowded? Maybe you and your spouse settled into a home fit for two, but later came the pitter-patter of tiny feet that have you thinking extra bedrooms would come in handy. As those little feet get bigger, more space may become a necessity.
  2. Clutter is always in the walkways. The longer you stay in your home, the more you find that there’s no storage for the items you use in your life. As you accumulate stuff – from sports equipment to kitchen gadgets to gear for other hobbies or activities – it might be time to find a space that can hold you and your home’s contents.
  3. Your commute is longer. You finally got that promotion or landed your dream job – and with it comes a longer commute to the office. As your career evolves, your home might not be in the most convenient location near your office anymore. To have the best work/life balance, it can be smart to think about relocating to a home that relieves some of the strain. 
  4. You don’t recognize your neighbors. Have you ever been outside watering your plants and suddenly see a new face down the block? New neighbors could mean your market it active and thriving. As a seller, you could be in a strong position to benefit from your home’s appreciation and make the most of your investment by selling and upgrading to a new home.
  5. The quirks aren’t cute anymore. Perhaps when you moved in, you knew your home had some idiosyncrasies like an incessant creaking or a leaky faucet, but they didn’t bother you so much and even added some charm. Years later, those charming quirks might be driving you up the wall. It could be time to find a home that doesn’t have those little irksome traits so you can get back your piece of mind.
  6. You have empty nest syndrome. Does your home suddenly seem too big? With children grown or previous inhabitants moving out, you may be ready to downsize to a smaller home that more comfortably fits your lifestyle.
  7. Your DIY projects are TBD. You have piles of materials around the house, a list of undertakings you want to accomplish, yet they never seem to get done. All of your “do-it-yourself” projects are “to be determined.” It might be time to find a place that inspires you to take on these projects and make your home special and unique to you.
  8. You’re always landscaping. A large yard can be great for young children to play in, but takes time and money to maintain. Unless you enjoy having an overactive green thumb, it could be time to take on a property that doesn’t require as much attention.
  9. You always hang out in a different city. There’s a reason you’re always driving 30 miles out of the way to have dinner at your favorite restaurant or visiting friends in a certain community every weekend. If you find yourself spending all of your time in a place that isn’t near your home, it might be time to recognize that your heart is elsewhere, and not where you currently live.
  10. You spend hours on Pinterest looking at other homes. Your perfect home doesn’t just live on your Pinterest Boards. Get out there and make your dream a reality.


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