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Consumer fraud alert.

Vylla Loan, LLC ("Vylla") knows you work hard for your money. That is why we want to provide you with some tips that may help you avoid being scammed.

Beware of Fraudulent E-Mails and Web Sites

"Phishing" is a rampant Internet scam that relies on "spoofed" e-mails, purportedly from well-known firms, to lure individuals to fraudulent web sites that look and feel like the well-known firm s web site. At such web sites, victims are asked to provide personal information about themselves, such as their name, address and credit card number. These fraudulent e-mails and web sites may also try to install malicious software on your computer that monitors your activities and sends sensitive personal information (your passwords, for example) to a remote location. With that information, criminals can commit identity theft, credit card fraud and other crimes.

You can protect yourself by following these best practices when using the Internet:

If you receive an e-mail claiming to come from Vylla or any of its affiliates that you are uncertain about, or which you believe to be fraudulent, please forward it to
support@vylla.com. Vylla will investigate the e-mail and respond back to you.

Personal Computer Security Tips

No security practice is foolproof. You can, however, help protect yourself by following these best practices to secure your personal computer:

Please contact the manufacturer of your computer for additional information and recommendations.

Glossary of Terms

Most scams involve one or more of the following:

Who should you notify about fraud or scam attempts?